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Thread Upon Threads;
an Artist Weaves His Web

The Dancing Goddesses;
addendum and annotation for the book of that name,
by author Elizabeth Wayland Barber

Finn; Works by transfeminist author and artist Finn Enke

An Esoteric Library; Old books become new epubs

Hendra’s World; an Illustrated novel in progress by Stu Helm

Ronald Smart Writes; stories and memoirs
with a mid-century touch

The Principle of Moments;
a multi-braned, multi-brained, experiment-in-progress.

My Life on a Legal Pad;
A collection of essays in graphic form

Letters To A wild Boar; a webcomic archive

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A limerick about writing limericks

To write a limerick I triedBut instead of killing, it diedMy rhymes should be like a soarin’ j…

dingbat four
Misusing Words for Fun and Profit

Good writers don’t want to use their words the way other people do.

Three Guys in a Bar

For a story to have what we consider a proper ending, it is not enough for the “real-life” events to…

Two Sentence Horror Stories

* He sawed the woman in two. The thing is, he isn't a magician.

petes wicked
The Fountain of Youth, El Dorado, and Creative Writing Classes

This last essay was sent to us by the well-known author Aloysius Krumpelwitz, who writes under the p…

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Old Wine in New Bottles

To see imagery as mere ornament in a story is like seeing a man’s head as just a pedestal for his bo…

dingbat three e1697167879881
Bad Advice From a Good Writer

Whatever one wishes to say, there is one noun only by which to express it, one verb only to give it …

dingbat six
The True Fairy Tale of the Niffum and the Legab

First of all, it happened in another universe, and on the outer fringes of another galaxy, and on an…

Rain Dance

A Haiku

dingbat two3
Avoid. sentence. fragments

Mr Salter’s side of the conversation was limited to expressions of assent.  When Lord Copper wa…

I can’t sing

Sung to the tune of "Can't Help Falling In Love With You"

2010 honda
Writer’s Diction

The first thing to consider is the difference between the diction of writers and civilians.  Wr…