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Jim Short

Two Sentence Horror Stories

As is typical with anything I create, I prefer some of these to others.

* I’ve never held a baby before.
Is this much blood normal?

* That face looks really familiar.
I just can’t imagine why it’s coming out …

Rain Dance

Rain Dance
A haiku
Rain showers dancing
Droplets bouncing everywhere
The world in a drop

I can’t sing

I Can’t Sing (Sung to the tune of “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”)

I can’t sing
Even though I try
For I can’t help
Sounding like I might die

It sounds bad
Tell me, should I …


A poem about indecision

Today’s mission was to create something based on the word ‘indecision’. I wrote several things, but I’m most pleased with my poem:


The struggles
Of everyday life

Are nothing
Compared to

The struggles
Of everyday death…

dingbat four

Art, Interpretation, and Competition

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Art can’t be misinterpreted.
Art can be interpreted, and it should be. And some of those interpretations seem to defy all sense of time, space, and logic. And they should.
Art is not math, or physics, or sports. Art is
dingbat three


dingbat three

Sometimes They tell you things you need to hear

Sometimes They tell you things you shouldn’t hear

Sometimes They won’t be quiet at all, even if you don’t understand

Sometimes You wish others could hear, but they’re listening to themselves…

dingbat two e1689475883890

Dead Man’s Shoes

He bought the shoes on a Monday, I think.
The store was pretty crowded, but he found them right away.
9EEE. The perils of wide feet.
These are pretty comfortable, he thought.

The shoes came home in their box, as