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about the network

Hi, I’m Shawn Longino. I like to make wordpress do outlandish things and look like a fashion model while doing it, and the internet is the biggest sandbox I’ve ever gotten to play in since I was a kid

I put my first website together using Netscape’s HTML wizard, back around 1999. I was making and selling magic wands, and when one sold I would have to rush to edit the HTML file and upload it again, hopefully before someone else bought that wand too. Then I figured out that computers ought to be able to edit the file for me, and I discovered the language PHP and the software called osCommerce… and then when that wasn’t giving me the experience I wanted, I turned to blogging platforms.I will never be an expert in PHP, it grew faster than I can learn anymore, but I manage to work out most needs.

Mirthfulconfusion was the url I registered on behalf of a 9-year-old girl, sixteen years ago. My how time flies. She grew up and went on to other pursuits, and the domain has been repurposed in several ways since then. It now hosts a blogging network based on WordPress. Self-hosting wordpress means that I can offer much more functionality than the dot-com can. We are not a super-busy corner of the internet, but we can have things the way we like them.

Different websites have different needs, and thus I have added sister networks  Dendrophil and Shoeshine to cater best to different types of endeavors.

MirthfulConfusion’s  group of blogging networks  can host;

  • Authors; You can choose to arrange your posts into series, chapters, separate books– and keep  a blog at the same time.
  •  Artist’s portfolios
  • Web comics and graphic novels
  • Videoblogs
  • Private, password-protected blogs
  • Business pages

If you think you’d fit in, hollar my way.