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We All Need Help Sometimes

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Campaign; ENDED
Helping Jacobi Jay Grey with his Travel Expenses 
07/16/2018 Jacobi is traveling from Ft, Worth to Chicago to be with his father who is battling cancer.

UPDATE 07/17. 5:00 PM (PST) Jacobi says he has enough for travel. But we want  to leave this link up because he is going to have to eat, as several people have pointed out to him. Please check on the thread for updates as to his needs.  (note: this is a private group)  

(paypal hosted by Tim McCoy)

I’m Not usually an emotional guy, but what you Men have done for me and my dad, has brought Tears to My eyes. I can’t say THANK YOU ENOUGH! I PROMISE TO PAY IT FORWARD TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE IN NEED!!!