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Hello, Stranger

Do you have a story to leave with us?
You may post one here.   Or two, or three.

There are two caveats;
One is that your story will be pending until we have a chance to review and publish it.  The second is that since you are not registered, you will not be able to return to edit it once it’s posted. Unless, I guess, you request line-editing in the comments field, but– no guarantees that any of us will be able to do that in all of our spare time.

So, think about joining us first, or if you are registered please log in.
  And read the terms and conditions, too.

Share your Story.

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A few terms and conditions;
all rights to your content remain with you. the site assumes no control over where you choose to place your content elsewhere.
Nor will we republish it ourselves, with the exception that the site will, unless you request otherwise, pass an excerpt onto various social networks– you know how that goes. We want people to read what you have to say!
You have the right to edit or remove your content as you wish.

The website reserves the right to refuse and accept submissions at our own discretion. We will not host ; Hate speech, proscribed content, illegal activity, anything that will get us kicked off our host server, as well as content we personally find offensive. This is, after all, a private hobby, not a public service.

Adult content is okay with us, by the way. So are cats. And Dad jokes.