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Stella Omega

No Gentleman.


I had been in one of those sleeps which do not let go of the heart, And was thick-tongued and weepy, searching blindly in the dark sleeping car for my papers.

Stolen Roses

Astro, in the light of day, was jeans-clad and sneakered. She wore a white button-down shirt, sleeves rolled up past her tanned forearms. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a tail, and gleamed with shiny health. “Anyway, I just wanted to apologise.” She held up the bouquet of roses.

Ice Age of the Heart

Lyrics are not complete as poetry. They are created with an additional element, and you just can't take that away- it's like printing a poem without any vowels. The music is integral to the form- most of the time.


The little valley that we had driven into was inundated, flooded, overwhelmed by fireflies. It looked- silly.