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Garbo Seltzer

Grew up on Indianapolis' southeast side, near the now-vanished Twin-Aire Drive-In. Moved to Bloomington where the Hoosier hippies were, then moved to Ohio. Been in Maine since 2012. My novel RUSTY got noticed when it came out in 1991. You can read it for free here: My daughter gave me the "Deny Evertyhing" cap. I'm a gardener and urban homesteader and a person really interested in how an expanding population will feed itself in the future. To that end, I've made a blog entirely dedicated to the top of growing and using buckwheat:

Music Theory Lesson 2: Range of Notes

As mentioned in the last lesson, we’re working with the knowledge that the musical scale goes on forever in both directions, dipping lower at one end and rising higher at the other.

Music Theory Lesson 1; Middle C

It is not necessary to read music to play well. Many musical greats did not and do not. But if the magical system which is music is to be understandable, we have to have a “You Are Here” point on the location map.

Seventy-Five Cents

the economic logistics of public transportation;
from our newest blog member, My Life on a Legal Pad